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TdB2020: Week 6 – The Moose & The Mountain

Welcome to Week 6 and if you’ve been with us the whole time, congrats! We’re almost a month and a half into this thing. The original intention was to kind play it be ear and do this until racing resumes. With the outlook appearing to be that outdoor racing is going to be more of a 2021 thing, our current approach is this. We’ve got a few cool things we want to dish out to you all that have been joining us on this fun adventure. After that we’ll evaluate everyone’s interests and feelings on what might be the best and most enjoyable for the community based on what our overall situation looks like at the end of May. I have my ideas…but i’ll keep them to myself for the moment.

However, for now as we kick off Week 6 we look to notch things up a bit and go into some uncharted waters. The overall distance for some to reach the segment(s) might be more and I realize that some people based on where they live could potentially want things closer to them. We will do our best in the next 3 weeks to to target the South, North and East of Boston so that the beautiful areas that might otherwise go unseen by many can be enjoyed by all. Honestly, the best part of this for me has been when riders share that they went on a road that they never had been on and they loved it. Sharing this kind of local knowledge is really awesome. So yes, I realize we won’t be able to make the perfect ride for everyone…but we’ll do our best to make it a good time for all.

As we head South this week to “The Moose and The Mountain” there will be two segments to be ridden. In order to qualify for weekly completion of the stage ONLY ONE segment needs to be completed and posted on the Strava Leader board. Along with these segments we have created two suggested routes. One Short Course that takes you up and over Moose Hill. The second is the Long Course which travels further South, around Borderlands and Lake Massapoag, up Mountain Road, over Moose Hill and back to about where you started. That said, these are just suggestions in case you are looking for some curated roads to ride, which we think are pretty nice one….BUT please feel free to come at these segments from any other angle you deem prudent. I actually welcome any and all suggested “other” routes that may stem from any other direction. I am sure there are some city riders that may have a good entry point that begins closer to Blue Hills. If you’ve got them, please feel free to share on the Strava Post or email me and I will distribute.

I hope you all enjoy and if these roads are new to you, have fun…its worth the effort!


Moose Hill (moosehill_from_south)

Moose Hill

Mountain Road (mountainroad_sharon)

NOTE: Beware as the top of this road turns into that sexy word being thrown around in cycling these days….GRAVEL. 25s or bigger will do the job, but if you’re running a 25 of 28mm tires…heed caution. Packing an extra tube is a safe bet and keep your eyes focused on what’s in front of you. Enjoy this little bit of fun in the middle of nowhere!

Mountain Road

SUGGESTED ROUTES: (both routes run counter clockwise)

The Moose and The Mountain Route (Mountain Road is First Segment and Moose Second on this route)

The Moose & The Mountain Route

The Moose Route

The Moose Route



4 thoughts on “TdB2020: Week 6 – The Moose & The Mountain Leave a comment

  1. If anyone’s trying to get down that way fast from Blue Hills, 138 to Washington St. to Bay Road is fine. After Moose Hill take High Plain to Edge Hill to Walpole. Dedham/Elm/Green Lodge is a nice way to avoid Washington on your way back to 138.

    In the 80s, there was a Wednesday night Blue Hills ride that would sometimes go over to Moose Hill, but the loop we did was all right hand turns and went up Moose HIll Parkway off 27.


  2. Thanks Matt, makes it easy that we both live in Needham. Take care Hal

    Hal & Arlene Bryer ________________________________


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